Bags that get the job done

Are you one of those people (like myself) that need some tunes to get the job (easier) done? If your answer is yes, read on.

G-Tech has two bags with the ultra-thin NXT speakers for great sound to let you rock to your tunes while doing your job.

There is the Tune Time Tool Case with 5 open pockets outside and 14 pockets inside for organizing all your tools, a sturdy frame for easy access to your tools, detachable shoulder strap and soft gripped handles.


Thats a serious tool case for the professional and withe the speaker you can use your iPod or any other audio player and off you go. The 3AA batteries for the speaker will rock you through almost the whole working day.

The Tune Time Tool Case sells for $ 79.99 at this online store for example.

The second bag is more for the office worker on the road the Music Messenger. A roomy bag that features a padded laptop compartment, triple zip pockets under the flap, numerous organizer pockets for cards, pens, notes inside the zip pocket in the back, a phone pocket and a water bottle pocket on the side.


The Music Messenger has built-in the ultra-thin NXT speaker as well, it provides good sound quality anywhere you go by connecting to your laptop, iPod or other audio device. 3AA Batteries for the speaker will get you over the day in sync with your tunes and you can spice up your presentations between.

The Music Messenger Bag sells for $ 55.99 by this online store for example.

Music makes many thing easier and work is on top of that list that need musical ‘framing’. Those bags offer an alternative for certain jobs where earphones are not allowed or dangerous to use. Getting sound from the work bag is an additional and practical feature.

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