Worlds first mobile phone – the Telephone Bag

telephone-bagClassified as ‘somewhat relevant’ to our blog topic, the 1970’s Telephone Bag from laPochette is just too cute to pass over once it popped up on my radar screen.

Duped as the ‘first mobile phone ever’ the Telephone Bag has been around presumably since the 1970s but I could not find a confirmation on that statement.

What I can read from the feature list is: the bag has a fully functional phone integrated with and old fashion hand receiver. Coming from the ’70s I think this telephone bag has to be connected to a wall socket, at least I could not find a pointer to cellphone connectivity.

Fast forward to 2009 my guess is it would be fairly simple to make this retro telephone bag working with a cellphone while keeping the original design.

With such upgrade, the ladies will have a really unique cellphone bag where even the iPhone can not compete with in terms of style and classiness.

This original Telephone Bag can be ordered via this link for a classy $295.- in the colors red or black. Style is timeless and priceless.


  1. That’s very cool, but I don’t think that the modern man/woman still has the memory skills to remember phone numbers…

  2. I’m looking over this posting and yes it seems great! I like your way with words plus you’ve got explained some outstanding things for this issue.

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