The soft side of Technology

The aim of Wearable Electronic is to make the electronic soft, soft to the extend to build electronic functions into soft products like our clothing, bags, sofas and anything we use and is made from textiles.

Although many question why do we need to build electronic functions into clothing or other textile based products, we can see that people are looking for electronic products with the soft touch feeling.

One way for ‘softification’ of our electronic gadgets is to dress them up with pouches and cases or even give them their own Jacket – think about the many fashion style jackets you can find for the ubiquitous iPod, branded like from Gucci, Prada, Fendi or Indy versions or self made jackets.


A company called Sëmk Products Limited from China is offering their version of ‘softification’ for electronic devices. Sëmk has created a variety of different softened electronic products like Radios and Speakers build in the form of bags, pillows and other soft goods products.


It’s playful and will not be to everyones taste but it does show that people value a more softer touch to the cold and hard electronic gadgets we can not live without anymore.

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