Stylish cool Commwear Jacket from Kjus

kjus-commwear-jacketEven though many people spend these days on a beach there are folks who enjoy skiing right now. For all those cool people we found a great looking, iPod compatible jacket from the Norwegian company Kjus Skiwear.

Popular among fashionable, high end skiers, this company makes one of the coolest looking yet functional ski clothing for people who want to race down the mountains in style.

The Commwear Jacket not only features a textile keypad in the left sleeve, it has also a Bluetooth system to manage your cellphone calls without the need to rummage around your pockets.

The jacket’s fibers retain and release heat as needed using hight tech fabric interwoven with tiny beads of wax that melt to store warmth, later releasing it when temperatures fall and the balls stiffen.

Another innovative feature is the use of d30 material, a specialized polymer composed of molecules that move fluidly when at rest, but lock together during a sudden impact, hardening the clothes to protect you against bruises.

No wonder that this high tech jacket has a price tag of around $1,900.-


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