Illuminated flip-flops for the hot summer night parties

led-flip-flopsA lazy hot summer day search about ‘techno beach gear’ came up with LED Flip-flops, these not very healthy, according to some studies, but beloved beach footwear which can be seen on beaches right now in numbers only second to the sand grains of the beach.

Having posted about on a couple of occasions about illuminated sneakers and their fun generating value for clubbing, these relatively cheap (between $8.- and $9.- available here) will for sure increase the fun and colorfulness of your next beach party.

To activate the light, just make a step and shoot up an explosion of colors, no mention of a battery that needs to be inserted or changed, so I guess they have an onboard battery that will last the entire lifetime of the flip-flops (which usually is not that long for such foot wear).

As I said at the begin, a lazy, hot summer search with a little sparkle on an everyday object like flip-flops are.


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