Wearable Electronic resources from The Netherlands

crosslab-diyWe are starting a category to introduce various initiatives and information resources around our beloved topic of wearable electronic. Our aim is to offer a starting point for anyone on the lookout for information around smart textiles in his/her neighborhood and beyond.

For our first article in our mini series we selected the ‘Crosslab DIY‘ blog containing a interesting section of smart textiles. Crosslab is a Medialab belonging to the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Crosslab DIY contains information on where to get locally materials and components needed to create wearable electronic projects, has overviews about wearable electronic events and workshops in and around The Netherlands, organizes workshops around smart textiles and provides very informative tips and project experiences around smart textiles.

The DIY section, at least the smart textile part, is in English so it can be used by a wider world wide audience as reference and inspirational place.

My pick for this post is the ‘sweet light sensor‘ from their site, a simple way to make a light sensor with just a few components. The sensor activates a LED when it gets dark. No need for a LilyPad and software, just a transistor, LDR and a couple other resistors – sweet indeed.

PS: if you are running a site/blog around wearable electronic or you can point us to such place, please send us the link via ‘contact us’ or in the comments.


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