Coming soon – iPod ready Jackets from Levelwear

We are in the middle of the summer season but for the apparel industry and stores, the work has started on the coming Autumn/Winter season to get us fashionable and protected against the cold weather.

After we have posted first images from the new O’Neill Jacket collection, we have another new member in the Wearable Electronic and iPod fashion market:

Toronto-based Levelwear is preparing the launch of their new 3-in-1 waterproof / windproof / breathable ski coat using Eleksen‘s ‘Made for iPod’ system.

“When we saw this (ElekTex) technology at ispo, we knew that it was something we wanted to use,” says Jeff Church, sales manager at Levelwear.


A seam-sealed interior pocket called the ‘iPod garage’ stores the iPod and connects it to the control panel located on the sleeve.

The touch controls have the usual function of the Eleksen system like play/pause, control volume, skip tunes, on/off. The keypad can be locked to avoid accidental activation e.g. you or someone touches the control panel area on your sleeve.

The jacket is made from durable rip-stop nylon, with a premium removable micro-fleece interior jacket. The three-in-one design incorporates the luxury fleece, which is part of Levelwear’s heritage.

Levelwear is a leading supplier of high quality , athletic inspired apparel with a focus on unique and luxurious fabrics.

The Jackets will be available coming November in two colors (Black and Navy) for both men and women, the Cascade Series will have a price tag of under US$ 300.- a very reasonable price for this multi usable and functional high quality Jacket.

We will keep you updated about more product details, availability and where to buy.


  1. Hi I received one of your jackets from the Pond Hockey tournament held in Huntsville this month. Unfortunately I am not able to get it to work. Any suggestions? I love the coat but, would love it more if it played music.

  2. hi Anne Marie,
    we do not sell this jacket or any of the other products we write about but we do buy some for ourself :)
    Having said this, I might be able to give you a tip based on my experienced with such products: connect your iPod and then look for the fast forward button on the sleeve. It has a small lock symbol in one corner. Press this key for 3-5 seconds and after that you should be able to operate all functions on the keyboard on your sleeve.

    If you do not touch any key for a while, the keyboard will lock again and you need to press first the key with the lock symbol in the corner for 3-5 seconds before any other key can be used.

    This locking of the keyboard on the sleeve is made to prevent accidental activation of a key if you touch or arm or the keyboard area of the sleeve gets folded. Each touch would change your iPods setting otherwise.

    I hope this helps as this is a very common issue customers face usually if they do not get a proper usage guideline with the jacket.

    If your jacket still doesn’t work, drop a line here in the comments again and we will try to contact Levelwear if they can follow up on your problem.

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