Sound generating Tuxedo

accouphene-tuxedoInspired by the wave of illuminated clothing used by artists I looked around the creative wearable electronic community for other music related clothing.

My search came up with the Accouphene Tuxedo created by Vincent Leclerc, Joanna Berzowska and the XS labs crew back in 2006. The idea behind the Accouphene Tuxedo is to ‘…  create a 3D sonic environment around the human body that can be activated and modulated through movement of the hands and the twisting and compression of the cloth.

13 soft speakers, embroidered in the shape of a coil with highly conductive yarn generate sound by pulsing energy through the coils which are activated when running a magnet over these coils.

The magnets are integrated into the sleeves of the jacket which will trigger a sound when the arms move along the jackets front.

From where is the sound coming? Every speaker generates a weak magnetic field that reacts to a strong magnet when they come in close proximity.

The strength and distance of the magnet determines the amplitude of the sounds. By pulsing the embroidered coils at different frequencies the Accouphene jacket can play different notes.

This site has links to the electronic circuit diagram which is based around the an Atmel 8-bit RISC microcontroller and the firmware code used for the Accouphene jacket as a starting point for your own sound generating clothing project.


Although the sound capabilities of this design is not for everyones ears, the Accouphene concept can serve as inspirational starting point for other sound generating clothing for a new generation of pop artists.

[via: Electricfoxy]


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