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etextile-diy-sensitive-fingertipsIt must have been a busy time lately for Instructables member Pulsea aka Hannah Perner-Wilson who was heavily involved into the creation and launch of ‘How to get what you want‘ a excellent resource for eTextile enthusiasts and now she published one of her fabulous textile sensor works on Instructables called: ‘Sensitive Fingertips

The ‘Sensitive Fingertips’ project started as a collaboration between Dr. Umida Avloni, director of the Avloni Academy of Music, Dr. Jamshid Avloni from Eeonyx, Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson from Kobakant. It is intended to help children to  visualize the difference between “p” piano (soft) and “f” forte (hard).

There are two items in this project that jumped straight into my face eyes: the use of a piezoresistive stretch fabric from EeonTex and the design of making a textile cable connection between the glove and the electronic hardware.

The EeonTex piezoresistive fabric is another type of touch/press sensor for eTextile project the team around the ‘Sensitive Fingertips’ came up. Piezoresistive material changes its electrical resistance when pressure is applied. By connecting two conductive fabric traces to it allows the detection of the change in resistance which in turn can be related to pressure force – cool.


The second impressive item in this project is the design how a textile cable ribbon connects on one end to the hardware and on the other to the glove using poppers. Nothing really new on that from the component or material side but beautifully, creatively designed – sweet.

For all the details of this project please visit the Instrucatbles site where you find besides the excellent step-by-step guide in word on photos including the stencils and Arduino software ready for download and your own creative use.

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