Pluggage, the kinetic and solar power harvesting luggage of tomorrow

pluggageFinally there is a way to make good use of all the energy we spend while lugging around our luggage: the Pluggage is using the kinetic energy we spend and sun power to keep your gadgets charged.

The kinetic energy is coming from the wheels converting the rotation via a generator/turbine into electrical energy. The second energy source comes from the sun as the Pluggage has a flexible solar panel on board as well.

With this configuration you hold a power luggage in your hands. All the energy is feed into a Duracell PowerSource Mobile 100 battery back. One hour of ‘normal’ walking or one hour of full sunshine gives around 45 minutes of laptop use, 9 hours of talk-time on your cellphone or around 4 days of BlackBerry operation time. These figures are based on the prototype testing of the Pluggage.

The creator of this amazingly clever and extremely environmental friendly power luggage is Ohad Folman who designed the Pluggage as his final project while studying at the ITP-NYC.

While on the road, our need for electrical power is constantly increasing in line with our desire to have even more sophisticated and power hungry mobile devices to stay connected. Finding power outlets has become a kind of ‘hunting routine’ for travelers around the globe. Any product that gives (power)grid independence has a great value for today’s digital lifestyle.


Let’s cross our fingers for Ohad who is now looking into how he can release the product for general sale. I can imagine many travelers would love to have the Pluggage, one of the smartest wearable power concepts I have seen.

[via: Gizmodo]


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