New eTextile DIY site – How to get what you want

etextiles-diyFitting nicely to the start of Open Softwear, a book/guide/project to help getting started with wearable electronic technologies, the launch of ‘How to get what you want‘ a website with the aim to be a comprehensible, accessible and maintainable reference resource for everything around eTextiles and wearable electronic offers information for the more advanced eTextile designer.

Created by Hannah Perner-Wilson and Mika Satomi, ‘How to get what you want‘ is already at the launch full with information about materials, tools, references, example projects and a load of eTextile DIY articles Hannah has published over the past many month on Instructables but also brand new DIY examples around her famous stretch sensors.

Browsing through the site, you can find main chapters such as connectors, sensors, traces, conductive and non-conductive materials, techniques and tools, each having a list of specific sub-chapters going into very detailed explanations for each of them.

Example projects show step-by-step instructions on how to build applications with the components and materials introduced throughout the site. Another impressive place is the download section providing stencils for many of the examples of this site.


The list is just too long to write up here you better click over to ‘How to get what you want’ and dig into the world of eTextiles.

The wearable electronic community got two excellent resources providing a more organized, structured entry point for acquiring the necessary basic knowhow about wearable technologies. These initiatives will greatly help aspiring fashion designer with ambitions to explore interactive fashion design.


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