Open Softwear – a book about fashionable prototyping

open_softwearWearable electronic designer and crafter just got a new, fabulous source of information and inspiration from Open Softwear and it’s authors Tony Olsson, David Gaetano, Jonas Odhner, Samson Wiklund.

Open Softwear is a book about Arduino boards, conductive fabric, resistive thread, soft buttons, LEDs, and other things specifically targeted towards wearable electronic prototyping.

The eBook centeres around the Arduino platform covering both the ‘standard’ Arduino and the LilyPad Arduino. It is split into three parts covering in the first section the basics of hardware, software and the use of the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Part two give examples of using eTextile materials and the Arduino to make first cool projects involving LEDs, Piezo speaker and my favorite, the Digital and analog zipper.

The third part is dedicated to show how to write programs for the Arduino platform. This all might sound very technical for fashion/clothing designer but don’t be afraid, it is easy explained and covers just as much as is needed for wearable electronic and not for building an new space station.


The book is in a Beta version right now but has already over 100 pages full of highly interesting material. The authors are looking towards the eTextile community to read this beta version and report back whatever seems is missing or needs to be corrected.

The team is looking for pictures of projects similar to the examples in the book. If you have made any and want to contribute, contact Open Softwear under info [at], or leave a comment on their site.

Open Softwear – the book is open source and can be downloaded freely via this link (PDF file) or via the Open Softwear website.

[via: Fashioning Technology]


  1. I will download the book right away! It is exactly what I was looking for for my next projects!

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