Metallica M4 Jacket with Speakers and iPhone connection

metallica-sessions-m4-jacketMetallica, the biggest selling heavy metal band in the world is the latest example of how music artist’s embrace wearable technologies joining the likes of Madonna, Bono, Kanye West or OK GO to name a few.

A partnership between Metallica and Sessions, a leading snowboard and action sports company selling high-performance snowboard apparel and accessories for the youth-driven sports segment resulted in the making off the limited edition Metallica M4 Jacket equipped with a speaker/amp system from Skullcandy, which includes musically inspired designs from the most popular heavy metal band of all time.

The Metallica M4 jacket comes with a built in pair of speakers in the hood, an amplifier and illuminated custom control panel on the outer sleeve. It all plugs in to your iPod or iPhone which are safely tucked away in a waterproof pocket.

Available in August in a limited edition of only 800 units for a retail price of $330.- I haven’t found an online store having the M4, it looks like the only way to get hands on one of these jackets is to be member of the Metallica Club.

The entertainment industry has been always on the forefront when it comes to new styles, new technologies (or both) by setting the direction where the future trends especially in fashion will go. Seeing the recent increase in technological enhanced stage-wear and now in artist branded consumer products, this is setting a clear signal of greater things to come to our (interactive) outfit of 2010 and beyond.


  1. HOLY GHOST!!! For sure, all the 800 units were already booked/reserved. This is one “state of the art” techy-gadget! Wish I could acquire one… FIVE STARS FOR M4 JACKET!!!

  2. so there is a few extra’s out there people.i did not pre order one infact im not in the metallica club,however i put a down payment on one of these at a ski shop .do some reserch make some phone calls you can find one if you really want one.start with sessions they are very nice over there and will tell you where to get one…….good luck…

  3. Ya, it definitely took a while of searching but I have the M4 jackets being sent to me from a snowboard shop in Quebec, sorry,, there was only one available. Search and u can find

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