e_Static Shadows – textile display visualizes electro static

e-static-shadowse-Static Shadows‘ is a research project by designer Dr. Zane Berzina and architect Jackson Tan which creatively explores the speculative and poetic potential of static electricity found in our everyday environments, surrounding our everyday interactions.

The aim of the project is to investigate how electrostatic energy could either be effectively utilized or play a part in the development of active, responsive and interactive textile systems which would be capable of detecting, translating and displaying this energy into dynamic audio-visual patterns.

Most noticeable for us e-textile enthusiasts is the making of this beautifully aesthetically swaying curtain made of a woven e-textile matrix with incorporated woven sensors for static detection and LEDs which light up or dim down based on the electro static field around the curtains sections.


A excellent source of inspiration and knowledge sharing about e-textile weaving, the challenges, the possibilities, the e_Static Shadows Process page has an impressive ‘the making off’, split in 3 sections, with tons of photos documenting how the team around these two e-textile wizards in cooperation with TITV Greiz, The Institute for Special textiles and Flexible Materials, made this extraordinary e-textile structure possible.

This beautiful installation was exhibited at the Dana Centre, Science Museum London at the begin of March 2009.

All photos in this article are taken from the e_Static Shadows project site.


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