SolarStrap – wearable solar power module

solarstrap-moduleFinland based Suntrica is a young company exploring the possibilities of thin, lightweight solar panels as wearable add-on solution for clothing and bags.

An interesting idea as such self-containing add-on module allows to quickly and easily move it from one bag to another, leave it at home when no sun is shining.

Personally I like the integration of flexible solar panels, I don’t mind if my solar panel has no use while being under an overcast sky as the integration takes away the need to take care and not loose another item in my growing ‘gadgetery’ I am carrying around.

Nevertheless, some people might like the modular solution and the next best thing I could imagine using is Suntrica’s SolarStrap™, a lightweight, flexible  solar-charging badge containing on one half the flexible solar panel capable of harvesting 50mAh by full sun light and housing on the other half the storage battery with a capacity of 950mAh, larger enough to fill up most cell-phones and MP3 player when fully charged.

The power output is rated at 5.5V at 800mA via mini USB and a selection of the most common cellphone adaptors. The weight of the SolarStrap is 60g and the dimension when folded is 144x97x25mm.


The SolarStrap might not the most powerful solar charging solution but it is small to be placed quickly anywhere on your bag or body and being small and freely placable you can alway adjust the placement to point straight into the sun achieving the maximum on solar power harvesting.

A interesting concept / product but I couldn’t find any shop who is selling it and no price information was available as of today. I will watch out if the SolarStrap becomes commercially available.


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