Illuminated Wedding dress

illuminated-wedding-dressWhen it comes to select a wedding dress for this most important event in a girlsĀ  life, nothing can be too unique and eye catching except the bride itself.

As I discover again and again new fashion and clothing areas which wearable electronic is taking over, or let’s say at least is exploring new fields, the LED Wedding Dress is the most beautiful usage of LED light up clothing I have come across in my restless search of wearable electronics.

The white bridal gown has 300 LEDs embedded which radiate a warm, magical golden coloredĀ  light simulating the effect of candlelight with a soft, random flickering pattern.

The lights are arranged randomly with the density increasing towards the bottom of the skirt. The batteries are hidden inside the wider part of the skirt, and the lights can be turned on or off via remote control.

Sit back, relax and let’s take you by surprise by watching this illuminated wedding dance in the video below. For the impersonate viewer, fast forward to around 1:54 min to see the surprise.

If you want to have a similar, illuminated wedding (dress) you can have one from Enlightened which made this dress and is read to make one for you and a made-to-order basis.

[via: Gizmodiva]

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