Walkie-Talkie Jacket from O’Neill

Following up on the announcement of the Autumn/Winter 2007/2008 Wearable Electronic collection from O’Neill Europe, we received the first images of the H4 Jacket collection.

walkie_talkie_jacket.jpgThe start makes the H4 Walkie-Talkie Jacket, a new addition to O’Neill’s Wearable Electronic line.

Using top-of-the-range fabrics, this jacket is aimed for the adventurous free-rider. The walkie-talkie connector is inside a chest pocket designed to safely and conveniently store the walkie-talkie.

The speaker as well as the microphone is integrated into the jackets collar while the ‘push-to-talk’ button on the wind-flap.

This ‘push-to-talk’ button looks kind of cool, I have never seen such a design before and I wonder how this is made.

The Jacket is 100% compatible with the Motorola T5422 and many other Motorola walkie-talkie models. The Walkie-Talkie jacket makes it easy and convenient to stay connected with your friends in the great outdoors.

You can choose from three colors: Stone Red, Oil Green and Black Out.


Price and availability will follow as soon as we get an update.


  1. what are these types of clothing contain

    what are they made up of.

    and also include the percentage of how much each material has been put towards the clothing

    thankyou very much
    urgently needed

  2. Unfortunately not much information can be found about the materials used in O’Neill’s H4 range 07/08 other than the statement: the Jacket benefits from class-leading water resistance and breathability and on another site the pointer to the use of GoreTex material which is kind of obvious as most of O’Neill’s ski and snowboarding jackets use GoreTex.

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