WiFi on your head

wifi-capThis is just too hilarious to go over it without sharing it: a WiFi indicating baseball cap. It’s like: why didn’t anyone think of it earlier?

I am a fan of the WiFi signal indicating T-Shirt, having used it many times, maybe not necessarily to look for WiFi coverage but also to be the center of attraction in some places, it’s fun to run around broadcasting WiFi availability.

While a T-Shirt works fine I do have the complain about the heavy battery pack tearing down my T-Shirt at one side.

The WiFi cap from thumpsUp! detects 802.11b or 802.11g signals but runs on just 2x CR2032 batteries that are housed in a small battery pack that tucks neatly inside the lining of the cap.

That makes it for sure a ‘must have’ item on my wish list. The WiFi cap has a price tag of £12.99 (around $21,-) but the draw back is the minimum order quantity of six units. Now I have to find five buddies sharing my enthusiasm for broadcasting the WiFi signal strength on their head as well.

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