Innovative, interactive fashion design from Novanex

novanex-future-fashionDuring my TechTextil visit I had the opportunity for a short talk with Alexandra Baum, owner and general manager of Germany based Novanex, a design company specialized in design, product development and manufacture of innovative textiles.

Although her services are across the fashion business in general she has a high interest and years of experience with the integration of technology into fashion design.

Educated in fashion design, her remarkable good looking designs of technology integration are outstanding. The conceptional designs of integration of light elements into clothing, textile heating elements or the playful use of UV thread, it clearly shows how beautiful technology can look when merged with clothing.

To see how valuable professional, experienced design support can be we only have to look around how poor in some cases interactive clothing design is made by not utilizing the possibilities wearable technologies can offer.

This leads to uniform looking clothing items taking the lead from a rather rigid way of thinking form the technology world where everything has to be standardized , a mindset from the old days where every color could be made as long as it is black.

Professionals like Alexandra Baum who feel themselves comfortable with the aesthetics of fashion design and not shying back to get their hands on electronic components are in a good position to break down the barriers that are still up between fashion and technology.

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