Programmable bracelet

button-schemer-braceletToday’s little e-textile DIY project is based on the extraordinary Button-schemer smart e-textile component from Aniomagic.

To recap, the Button-schemer comes with a Web-interface based programming tool that allows the download of the program to the Button-schemer’s processor via light waves by ‘weaving’ it in front of the monitor screen.

The Instructables ‘World’s thinnest programmable leather bracelet‘ provides a step by step guide accompanied with a material list to create a interactive light animated bracelet.

Although some might think the complexity of the programming possibilities for the Button-schemer is a bit limited it does, to my opinion, add some discrete, interactive sparkle to fashion accessories and clothing.

It’s like with a raw diamond: to bring the hidden beauty to the outside it requires the creative skills of a diamond cutter to transform it to a brilliant.  The Button-schemer provides the basis to create a brilliant, interactive fashion design.

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