DIY Solar Power from Voltaic

voltaic-diy-solar-kitGood news for DIY enthusiasts: more and more companies offer components from their product portfolio for DIY projects making it easy to explore their latest technologies.

Voltaic, well known as pioneer of solar power bags has added a DIY Solar Project Site offering solar panels, battery packs and a huge selection of connectors (it’s shocking to see how many different charging connectors electronic companies using, even within their own product range).

The solar project site offers suggestions on what to do with solar panels. Notable for our topic is the Solar Bike Pannier DIY project demonstrating how to add solar power to a biker bag.

The material costs (everything is available on Voltaic’s DIY store) run up to $165.- excluding a bag to modify. It’s not the cheapest DIY project but solar power bags are quite practical according the feedback we got from the biker community as the solar panels are usually fully exposed to the sun when they are riding across the country and pick up a lot of sun power on the way.

Starting with Voltaic’s components the DIY instruction is fairly simple and straight forward as it basically does not need any soldering or electrical component handling but focuses on the fixation for the solar panels and placement of the power-pack.

With all the sunshine around these days, a solar power bag might be something to consider to complement your digital life style.


  1. Certainly, but everyone needs to understand that adding Solar on their house is an purchase that will boost the long term worth of their home if / when they decide to sell. With the environment the way it is going we are unable to ignore any product that delivers totally free energy at no cost to both the client and more significantly the world!

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