Laser Jacket: Bono’s latest stage outfit from Moritz Waldemeyer

bono-laser-jacket U2 started yesterday their 360° Tour 2009 in Barcelona’s Camp Nou with an explosion of great tunes and light.

For the song ‘Ultra Violet (Light My Way)‘, Bono wears a laser light radiating jacket, making him visible across the entire venue.

The creator of Bono’s laser jacket is Moritz Waldemeyer, confirming his leadership in illuminated stage wear design by integrating 240 lasers along the silhouette of the black leather jacket to make Bono’s every move clearly visible to the audience far away from the stage.

The show biz is literally living from light effects and I wonder why not more illuminated stage wear made it on stage. It is a great area for wearable (light) technologies to explore and show off what soft, wearable technologies can achieve.

Watch the video and see this illuminating jacket in action:

For U2 fans: until end of August U2 will tour across Europe and then heading to US for another 2 month of great music and illuminated stage wear show.


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  2. To: U2
    Dear U2 29-07-10

    HI !

    I am glad to see that you are interested in this lighting fashion.

    We are the original innovator of LED garment, blet, tie
    (set the LED on fabrics and garments). We
    have promoted it to Euro-countries for pass few years.

    Now we would like to introduce our new LED jackets/garments
    (LED display on garment) to you. It is the newest design in
    the world. It can show message/interactive with people when
    you are singing.

    Please advise if you want more information about it.

    Hope you will everything success in future.

    Yours faithfully,

    Simon Wong

    Simky Tech (HK)
    (a subsidiary of Hongstex Int’l Co.)


  3. Numerous stores do offers bike jackets with implicit-LED lighting frameworks that work with a cruiser’s turn and brake indicators.

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