Plug-and-Wear: One-stop-shop for eTextile crafters

plug-and-wear Plug-and-Wear, a one-stop-shop offering materials and components specifically targeted to eTextile creators has opened it’s shopping doors.

Plug-and-Wear is the brain child of Riccardo Marchesi, Managing Director of InnTex, an Italian based textiles and textiles machinery company with 55+ years experience in the textile industry.

The aim of Plug-and-Wear is to provide a place where wearable electronic designers will find everything needed to create interactive fashion. No need to sign up on different places to collect all the components and information for a wearable electronic project.

For a start, Plug-and-Wear offers around 30 articles ranging from their own light emitting fabrics, sensitive fabrics and conductive textiles to Arduino including the LilyPad with some add-on modules.

According Riccardo the shop will considerable enlarge it’s component and material portfolio in the coming weeks.

I was looking for such an one-stop-shop dedicated to eTextile crafting for some time and I am exited this finally happened. Click over to check out now what’s in store already and watch out for the new stuff to come.

For the convenience of you our dear reader we have added a link on the navigation side of our blog layout to quickly access the Plug-and-Wear shop when working on your next interactive fashion project.

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