Change the color of your clothing with the power of the sun

solar-fashionSummer has formally started in the northern hemisphere bringing with it long, sunny days. The right time to introduce our readers to another chameleon fashion technology, this time reacting on UV (ultra violet light) coming so plentiful from our sun.

SolarActive®, US based manufacturer and supplier of Photochromatic Materials ranging from sprays, coatings, plastic resin, ink and the reason for our attention: Photochromatic yarn.

We have covered before color changing chameleon fashion based on Thermochromatic technology changing color by a change of temperature.

Photochromatic, derived from two words meaning ‘light’ and ‘color’, are materials to which a low percentage of a light-sensitive chemical has been added creating the effect of materials to darken (become visible) in the presence of strong light and to resume its original transparency when the light intensity is decreased.

The effect of the SolarActive yarn is stunning:


Almost invisible sewn, embroidered or stitched design when indoors but coming to a vibrant colorful life when stepping in front of the door.

SolarActive┬« has tons of finished products in their store but I guess for proactive reader of talk2myShirt the wide selection of color active yarns – follow this link – is the most interesting one.

For my part, I will order some test samples and experiment with them during the long, sunny summer days ahead.


  1. hi, I am student from Italy…we have prject in my accadami and i was just wonderig is there any kind of liquid that changes color dipending the light or temperatur? I would like to make a lil design on my shirt and coat and i would like to see how my design on t-shirt changes color outside….is it posible to do?

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