Interactive Sample Book for e-textile designer

interactive-sample-book_etextilesDuring my visit to the TechTextil I met Hanne-Louise Johannesen, co-founder of Diffus, a Denmark based design company with the mission of ‘diffusing traditional thinking as well as materials in order to create the unforeseen‘ in e-textile applications.

Very interesting to me is the project of the Interactive Sample Book (ISB) designed by Diffus with support from project partners to create a number of interactive textiles, presented in the ISB in a similar way as the sample books of wallpapers one can take home from the shop and choose from.

In other words, it is a kind of display material, which in a simple manner can illustrate how different techniques and smart materials work.

The book will function as an inspirational tool for designers, students, cultural institutions and companies that wish to start working with some of the possibilities that are within interactive textiles.

5 interactive textile concept samples have been developed so far which are based around sensors (pressure, sound, strain and light sensors) and actuators (Shape memory alloys, light emitting diodes, electroluminescent materials, photovoltaic cells, optical fibers, thermo chromatic and photo chromatic inks).

The Interactive Sample Book is made of 5 textile pages that all demonstrate a particular aesthetics and interactive functionality. The 5 pages are as different from each other as possible, and show something extreme in relation to the used technology.

The completition date of the ISB is not set yet as only two of the five samples are finished so far but once it is ready for use we will inform you.

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