Jansport extends LiveWire Backpack range

It might be a bit early to think about Back-to-School but it seems Jansport just kicked off the race to get you the perfect gear for the time after the loooong summer break.

Jansport’s LiveWire Backpack range is already in existence for a year but they have refreshed the LiveWire range and extended it with new models.


One of the new additions is the Superbreak Live Backpack with iPod control and AirCore™ shoulder straps. This Backpack has one large main compartment, a front utility pocket with organizer and a fully padded back panel for cushioning comfort.


Depending on your fashion style and color taste, the Superbreak Live Backpack comes in three styles: black, the chocolate chip bubbles (in the center) and the black/white punky houndstooth (that’s how Jansport calls the one on the right). There should be one for every taste … I would think.

jansport_keypad.jpgThe Livewire+ system includes a soft-fabric keypad integrated into shoulder strap to remote control your iPod (volume, previous – next sound, pause, play, power on/off).

A dual port connection for provides compatibility with 3rd generation iPod (via headphone connector) and works with all new iPod models with dock connector.

A a universal headphone port is integrated in the shoulder strap.

Check out the complete range on Jansport’s Website, your next Backpack has to have the iPod control build in. Once you used it, you will never go without this feature, believe me.

You can buy online the SuperBreak Live for example here for $ 79.90 but there are many other online shops suggested on Jansports Website to order.


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