Babyglow – color changing baby fashion

babyglowColor changing chameleon fashion for Babies? Not exactly, color changing clothing yes but not for fashion but to indicate/alert when a baby’s body temperature rises above 98F (37C).

I posted about the thermochromatic textiles from Bodyfader, T-Shirts and sweaters that change color from black to white for example. I have a couple of shirts for testing, they are fun to use but I am not so sure if I would trust them to switch reliable at exactly pre-set temperatures.

The inventor of the Babyglow jumpsuit, Chris Ebejer (UK) is convinced he can switch accurately having spend over the past 6 years approx. $1.14 million for the development of Babyglow including temperature-sensitive molecules that are embedded into the jumpsuit’s smart fabric material.

Without having the details of his invention on hand it sounds a bit like the Thermochromatic technology which has been around for some time.

I could not find infos on the reliability or clinical test of the temperature accuracy but Chris Ebejer managed to sell the world wide patent rights of his Babyglow technology for around $20 million to UK clothing manufacturer Quality Workwear 4U.

The Babyglow jumpsuits should hit the stores this October for a suggested retail price of £20.- ($33.-) in three color shades, pink, blue and pastel green, all turning white when the baby’s temperature rises above 98F (37C).

[via: Gizmodiva]


  1. Haha, I’m sure he’s not in it for the money … Not saying he wont have it … but I think he actually wants to help parents out there, I’m also sure that he has afew more inventions on the way so stay tuned.

    And if your still skeptical, Check out there website,


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