Cellphone dress

cellphone-dressGeorgie Davies, BA student at the London College of Fashion made ‘Fashionable electronic’ headlines last week with the ‘Cellphone dress‘, her winning entry to the Sony Ericsson initiative working with the School of Fashion Design and Technology at the London College of Fashion to explore the relationship between technology and fashion.

Sony Ericsson, like many other A-brands in the technology world, work together with fashion experts to tap into the potential and desire of consumers to dress-up technology gadgets, making them more fashionable, more personalized, more emotional rather than have a technical, functional look.

Georgie Davies created a call indicating dress as she wanted to find a way to alert a person when their mobile phone rings in a noisy environment like a bar or club.

Her design: a cocktail dress made up of interactive scales, inspired by butterfly wings. When the phone rings, the dress subtly lights up, visually alerting of an incoming call.

There are various products in the market acting as visual help to indicate an incoming call in noisy environments but the dress from Georgie must be the most beautiful call indicator on the planet.

Georgie’s technology integration doesn’t look geeky or techy like some other interactive clothing concepts. She uses technology to beautify and emotionalize fashion design.

[source: Sony Ericsson press release]


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