Interactive Wear e-Textile designer kit

interactive-wear_e-textile-kitI was able to talk during my TechTextil visit in frankfurt with Jürgen Thalmayer from Interactive Wear about the recent launch of their e-Textile designer kit.

Interactive Wear is not planning at this moment to open a online store on their Website. Orders for a designer kit can be made by sending an email with your wish-list to the following address: or call the following number: +49-8151-55506-0 (Germany).

There are some pre-packaged kits available like the iSolarX containing solar panels (flexible or rigid) attached with conductive textile cable, storage battery pack, battery pack charger (for those cloudy days) and a large selection of connector adapters to connect to almost any portable device.

Other kits available are the iLightX containing all components needed to integrate LEDs or EL decals into textiles, the iThermX for textile heating system design and the iComX kit for communication apparel design.

Although these 4 application clusters have pre-packed kits Interactive Wear is more than happy to bundle kit for specific designer needs. Just send you wish-list and you get all the goodies you need for your next great design.


I am very impressed with the documentation these kits have included. Not only a detail description about the best use of the components, the does and don’ts but also a wealth of tips coming from the hands-on experience from Interactive Wear how the components can be used in various different ways. This provides an excellent starting point for inspiring e-textile designers.

As previously mentioned, the price for the kits is between between €50,- and €150,- ($70.- and $207.-) depending on the actual materials requested. If you have trouble to contact Interactive Wear drop me a line and I will help to make the connection.

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