Angel Chang – Queen of Wearable Electronic Fashion

Angel Chang is a innovative Fashion Designer who blends technology and fashion in the most advanced and beautiful way we have seen so far.


The way she thinks about fashion and technology is remarkable, head over to the write up we have posted back in January or to her site.


Hussein Cahalayan is doing a great job in experimenting with technology and fashion but Angel Chang is creating real world clothing that look like ‘out of this world’. Her Fall 2007 collection include great looking dresses with iPod controls. We like the way she integrates almost invisible those controls. This is what makes her creations outstanding compared to the more ‘traditional’ approach of the iPod Jackets we have seen so far.

Angel Chang is not ‘only’ using electronic functions for integration, another part of her collection has Thermochromic ink. This Thermochromic ink print pattern change their intensity/visiblity depending on the surrounding temperature. Those parts of the fabric that are closer to the skin are warmer and the print will ‘disappear’. Other parts that have less skin contact will stay clear visible.


We like love this playful use of innovative technologies in clothing in her creations. It is completely in line with Angel’s philosophy we appreciate so much:

What we need are experiments and those who are willing to experiment. We designers are too safe today — relying on the trends of the past rather than innovating for the future. – Angel Chang


  1. All da dresses look like a blind retard put dem 2gether especialy the 1st one. Not to be mean but i wouldnt wear them if my life depended on it 😉 😛

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