Interactive Wear e-Texile designer kits for Wearable Electronic

led-biker-shirt_interactivewearJust in time for the opening of the TechTextil trade fair held from today June 16 until Thursday June 18 in Frankfurt, Interactive Wear AG announced via this press release the introduction and availability of development kits for designers of textile based wearable applications.

Each kit contains fully functional wearable technology components, ranging from textile-integrated solar modules and heating elements, to communication networking devices and solid state (LED) lights.

The kits have been developed to give designers the flexibility to test their application ideas either independently, or in collaboration with Interactive Wear’s support specialists.

Interactive Wear’s designer kits, whose contents can be freely combined, are priced between €50,- and €150,- ($70.- and $207.-)

The introduction of these kits is good news for the growing number of advanced fashion designers, providing them more diversity of high quality, professional grade wearable technologies to explore during the design stage of interactive clothing.

While you read this blog post I will be walking the show floor in Frankfurt, collecting more information and images from Interactive Wear’s development kits as well as from the many new and interesting products around wearable electronic on display at the Smart Textiles floor (Hall 3.1) in Frankfurt.

Link to the full press release.


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