Spin on the Waltz – Interactive clothing conquers the ball room

spin_on_the_waltz-interactiDuring my travel to Austria, Vienna, I discovered a Viennese inspired wearable electronic project from NYC based Ambreen Hussain a Masters graduate in Fine Arts at Parsons, The New School for Design.

Her project the ‘Spin on the Waltz‘ or ‘Spin‘ for short, creates a new and interactive sound environment for Viennese waltz dancers through two wearable garments with embedded technologies that trigger an electronically generated melody.

These two wearable outfits are constructed for professional-level male and female Viennese waltzers and act as new media audio instruments that allow the dance and the two bodies to control music in an interactive manner, instead of the music controlling the dance in its static form.

Three sensors are placed on both the male and the female garment. Each of these five encounters triggers a sensor that controls the output of a synthesized melody.

In a sense, their bodies are reflecting the movements of the harmonic waveforms that produce the sound outputs, and vice versa.


Spin aims to increase an awareness of the exchanges made between the male and female with one another by stripping the context of the waltz composition and incorporating interactive melodies, which then create new environments and realizations.

‘Spin’ is constructed through hard and software technologies such as Max/MSP, soft circuitry, and a set of LilyPad Arduino.

A unique concept that combines the old tradition of ballroom dance with cutting edge technology, adding a new dimension to ‘Viennese waltzing’.

More photos from the ‘making off’ on Ambreen’s Flickr photo stream.


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