Wearable Electronic summer-camp for assistive clothing

wearable-electronic-workshopTo promote the early involvement of students into the multifunctional field of wearable electronic the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Computing is hosting this summer an intelligent clothing workshop for children with an emphasis on assistive wearable technology.

Last year, the summer camp workshop focused on the sports theme to create ‘intelligent sportswear’ of their choice. Students used the Lilypad, the Teeboard and a graphical programming interface called BrickLayer, a text-enhanced graphical programming environment designed by Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Department of Computing for junior high students with no programming experience.

The theme of this year’s workshop: ‘how can clothes help people in special needs‘. Students will learn how to design and construct their own intelligent garments to cater for the special needs for disabled peoples.

Workshop participants will use a microcontroller developed specifically for wearable computing by Hong Kong PolyU. It is based on the Arduino platform but with some modifications optimized for the needs for this workshop.

Improved versions of the TeeBoard and the innovative Bricklayer programming platform will be at the disposal of the students as well during the 5 days the workshop will last.

Available at three different time frames between July 20 and August 10. Course language is Cantonese and the application deadline is June 19. For more details visit the project site.


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