Avantex show floor – Wearable Electronics is (be)coming BIG

I have spend today walking the show floor of Avantex 2007 in Frankfurt to give you a first impression of the many many models on display.

Avantex is focusing on the visualization but also on the practical aspects of innovative and future clothing. Techtextil which is next door, is mainly focused on the manufacturing part of the garment creation process.

My overview focuses on the Avantex itself, providing a view of the things to come soon into the Wearable Electronic market.


From left to right: O’Neill h4 range for 2007/08 Jacket with Eleksen textile switch, O’Neill h4 collection with Fibretronic ‘Fidler’ switch and right photos the Zegna iJacket, Leather edition – beautiful, just beautiful.


This range of photos show from left to right: Bagir/Eleksen new collection of men’s business suit, Aquatry Jacket (on Eleksen booth) and Philips Lumalive vest on the right.


That range of photos above show from left to right: Rosner new style, Lodenfrey Jacket (excellent look and style for outdoors in fashion) and Lodenfrey ‘Lederhosen’ as seen before.


Last range of photos above from left to right: Sunload‘s solar power bag (looks even cooler than on images), TITV-Geiz Bluetooth skiing glove and on the right side, car seat with textile controls for seat adjustment also from TITV-Geiz.

This is just a ‘teaser’ and more in-depth information on each of those products will follow over the coming days. I need to get fit again for another exiting day on Avantex tomorrow to collect more information and photos for your viewing and information enjoyment.

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