Soft Technology: Fiber-optic LED placemat

led-placematSylvania a online store dedicated to innovative LED and other lighting technologies for interior decoration offers a e-textile like light innovation in form of the ‘Lighted Placemat‘.

The ‘Lighted Placemat’ uses bright, white LEDs which run off an easy to replace CR2016 coin cell battery providing 20 hours of sparkling dinning atmosphere.

The sparkle is activated via a Push-button inside the ‘Lighted Placemat’. No need to worry about spills as these mats are treated with Scotchgard™ brand fabric protector for ease of spot cleaning.

Available in Black and Burgundy for the price of $24.99 you get a pair of those high tech place mats – not a bad deal.

A cute idea and nice example of ‘soft technology’ used to create atmosphere and a bit of magic in  our homes.

[via: ChipChick]


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