e-Textile beginners guide: How to Sew with Conductive Thread with Diana Eng

etextile-sewing Threadbanger, a network for people who love DIY, recreate, refashion and craft, posted a video and Instructables showing Fashion Nerd Diana Eng teaching the basics of ‘How to Sew with Conductive Thread‘ on the project ‘Robot and Friend’ from her book ‘Fashion Geek‘.

The materials needed for this e-textile beginners guide are easy to organize: fabric for sewing, conductive thread, scissors, two LEDs, CR2032 watch battery, BS7 battery holder, disappearing ink pen, needle-nose pliers, regular thread, wire cutters, and a sewing needle.

I like the use of disappearing ink – it’s a nice trick for drawing the layout/traces for sewing but disappears when you are finished.

If you do not have Diana’s book you can download the Robot and Friend pattern from ThreadBanger.

The combination of the Instructables guide complimented with a video tutorial makes ‘How to Sew with Conductive Thread’ lively and easy to follow.


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