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textile-sensor-glovePlusea aka Hannah Perner-Wilson is one of the most active wearable technologists judging on the amount of her DIY instructions especially around textile sensors and interactive clothing for performing artists.

Her most recent creation posted on YouTube is the ‘Sensitive Fingertips‘ (see embedded video below) a glove containing pressure sensors on each finger tip allowing the detection of the pressure the finger tips create.

Intended for use by children and their piano teachers to visualize the difference between “p” piano (soft) and “f” forte (hard).

The sensors are made from stretch conductive fabric and Eeonyx stretchy resistive fabric, allowing for the whole glove to remain stretchy so that they can fit tightly.

Connected to the Arduino via metal snaps and a fabric cable made from sewn conductive thread traces this glove can be a great input enhancement into the virtual world of computer games or professional applications where the use of a keyboard would be too cumbersome or unpractical.

Another fabulous inspiration from Hannah’s treasure chest of wearable technologies.


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