Wearable Electronic workshop: electro-clothing

textile-displayNadya Peek, creator of the Caché dress and researcher at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge is heading a series of workshops about wearable technology at Mediamatic.

Participants will be working on their own garments, to make it beep when you talk, or light up when somebody touches you.

Over four days workshop participants will be able to explore different areas around interactive clothing: ‘Sound Clothing’, Light and Sight Clothing’ and ‘Touch Sensitive Clothing’.

Overview of the different workshops:

Sound Clothing – ‘Make your shirt beep when people touch you, or yell back at you when you scream!’ on June 13 and June 15

Light and Sight Clothing – ‘Make your pants light up in the dark or your sleeves blink when you wave your arms.’ on June 16

Touch Sensitive Clothing – ‘Make self heating touchscreen-friendly gloves or a hat that vibrates when someone is coming up behind you.’ on June 17

Unfortunately I haven’t been aware of this workshops earlier which are fully booked now, but Nadya is giving a lecture on June 17 at 8:00pm where she will share information on wearables as well as her thoughts on how this technology might develop in the future.


  1. Where would this lecture find place? I also wanted to subscribe but I was too late,


  2. Hi Floris,

    the lectures start at 8:00pm, Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam.

    Hope you can make it and give me some update from it 😉

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