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wearable_electronic.jpgOver the past weeks we have changed a few things on talk2myShirt, not so much visual changes but additions and improvements to make reading and information hunting more convenient and efficient for our readers.

The new page titled: ‘READ THIS’ contains a list of all the books from our Wearable Electronic library. The list shows the book cover, a link to our own book reviews and links to or other book stores where you can order those books.

‘NAVIGATOR’ is another new page that contains links to the companies we have posted about, companies that have Wearable Electronic products in their program. In this overview, next to the company name is a list of the type of Wearable Electronic products they offer, a link to each companies Website as well as to our reviews of their products.

We want to give our thanks and thumps-up to Alex Rabe who created the fabulous table plugin for WordPress, the blogging software we use. A excellent function to bring order into our growing information collection.

Lastly, we had to change the registration for our Forum to be approved by us thanks to the many spam entries we got and which kept us busy for a big part of the day. We rather spend this time on searching for quality information than entertaining this group of people. We apologize for the inconvenience of this registration delay and will do or best to approve valid requests as fast as possible.

That’s all on updates and additions for this time. We keep on improving the reading and navigation experience for you, our dear reader. We will do it carefully with your convenience in mind. If you have any suggestions or wishes, please drop us a line in the comments and consider it done.

Our aim is to make talk2myShirt a pleasant and informative place for everyone interested in Wearable Electronic.

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