Solar power pure

daochu-solar-bagI spend a lot of time outside with plenty of sinshine during my travel across Europe while my solar bag is doing a nice job in sucking the sun power to give me the ‘extra mile’ on battery power for my gadgets.

Being around Europe I came across another company located in Switzerland having a small but fine range of solar charging bags for business, adventure and city folks.

The entire range feature a powerful solar charging capability of 4 Watt by 15 Volt with the ability to suck up solar energy even on cloudy days.

Especially the ‘El├ęgance’ bag (image) radiates it’s solar power sucking capabilities by having almost the entire bag covered with a large solar panel.

Available by Daochu (German only site) for CHF365.- ($334.25) including a storage battery and various adapters to connect to iPod, PDA, PSP, GPS.

For my part, I will grab now my solar bag and head outside to catch the sun-power while doing my next part of sightseeing.


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