e-Textile programming with light: Aniomagic Button-schemer

e-textile-aniomagicNwanua Elumeze from Aniomagic keeps on amazing me with extraordinary smart and simple e-textile components.

The newest addition to the e-textile treasure chest: Button-schemer, an ambient program reader the size of a nickel which is programmable with specially timed flashes of light.

Hold it in front of your computer screen, PDA, iPod Touch or iPhone, in fact any device that can connect to the internet, to load a program to your e-textile object.

How it works in detail: After writing your program within a web-browser, a javascript-based scheme interpreter evaluates it and flashes a part of the screen, sending the program to the Button-schemer.

button-schemerBecause you write and upload your programs directly from a web-browser you don’t need to download special software or use any special hardware. Just write, point, click. Icing on the cake: you can select either programming via text format or via graphical interface.

A brilliant concept which takes away or should I say takes care of all the ‘technical programming stuff’ so one can concentrate fully on designing extraordinary e-textile objects.

The possibilities the Button-schemer offers are amazing: One could embed entire programs in a movie or animation that can influence, change the animation of a smart T-shirt. Best of all, one Button-schemer could program another Button-schemer directly making making e-textile objects truly interactive.

As amazing as the whole concept is as amazing the price: $15.- for one button going down to $12.50 each when you order 10 buttons and just $10.- each for a order of twenty or more.


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