The greatest, most innovative Fathers Day gifts

Show your appreciation to your Dad by surprising him coming Fathers Day with one of the innovative Wearable Electronic products.

Everyone is mainstream but you are different, you are ‘in the know’ what’s becoming the next big trend because you read talk2myShirt.

We have compiled a list of very attractive products for every budget that allows you to show your Dad you really think about him and not just buy ‘typical’ Fathers Day stuff like ties or socks.

numetrix_cardio_shirt_colors.jpgThe best value for money is the Cardio Shirt from Numetrex. Innovative in design and function, it costs just $ 47.15 with the special Fathers Day discount. The perfect gift for your Dad with an active lifestyle. He will greatly appreciate the Cardio Shirt. Get your order here before June 15 for this special price.

musicandsons_tshirt.jpgClose in second position in our list of value for money is the Music T-Shirt from Music & Sons. Great looking T-Shirt with very practical function: take the hassle of the headphone wires out of you Dads life. For $ 40.- a bargain yet a stylish T-Shirt for your young Daddy. Order the Music T-Shirt here.

imaingo_open.jpgFor the gadget and music loving Dad, you could think of giving the iManGo sound bag for his iPod or other MP3 player. Listen to music the whole day via earphones might not be as comfortable. The iManGo allows your Dad to take out the earphones in situations he will not annoy with his music (taste) people around him and enjoy his music freely. For $ 49.99 a nice and practical gift which you can order here.

g_tech_keyboard.jpgThe Bluetooth Fabric Keyboard from G-Tech is the ultimate tech and gadget gift four your busy business Dad. Protects his gadgets, practical to type lot of text on the hand held device and is VERY COOL. If you get the $ 98.95 together, you make your cool Dad the cool guy in the office. You can order one here.

iPod_Messenger_Bag.jpgAnother cool and hip Fathers Day present is the messenger Bag also from G-Tech. The perfect gear for the dynamic Dad who spends a lot of time on the road visiting business partners or clients. The build-in speaker comes handy as audio source for presentations. Got $ 95.99 bucks ready? Then go for it and buy it here.

dunhill_solar_bag.jpgIf your Dad is crazy about exclusive outfit and accessories, Dunhill has the right stuff for you. The Avorities™ Solar Panel Bag. This Solar power bag is the ultimate luxury bag for the Dad with high expectations and environmental conciseness. It comes in on the top of the price rang and you can order it here for $ 1315.-

Each of this and the many other Wearable Electronic products we posted about on talk2myShirt are a very unique way to say thank you and show your appreciation to your Dad.

The choice is yours and he will be surprised of your imagination by giving him such an outstanding present.

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