Active Fabrics A Growing Trend In Fashion

hugshirt_top.jpg abc7 network has an article by Richard Hart with the above headline. This article gives very interesting insights and perspectives on how active fabrics and Wearable Electronics are moving forward into our ‘everyday’ clothing.

Konrad App from Eleksen for example says: “People walking around with their phone. They’ve got it in their backpack, they’ve got it in there pants, they’re answering their phone call just by touching the controls in their jacket. And they’re playing their music. They’re going about their daily life, but the electronics are not in their hand the whole time.”

Another aspect mentioned in this article is: in future clothing doesn’t just ‘sit on you’, it does something.

Something could mean to extend your senses like all those sensory receptions we would get without fabrics covering our skin. I am not saying we should run around naked but if we would get back some of the abilities we lost through ‘civilization’ we would gain back life experiences only know to a few people left in remote areas.

Sensors that can be integrated into clothing that detect temperature, light conditions, respiration, stress level and chemical substances are available in some commercial products (e.g. Cardio Shirt). Linking this information to a feedback device like mobile phone can alert the user if dangerous conditions will occur or change the fabric structure in real time to protect or delight.

My point here: Wearable Electronic might very well be an interesting enabler for wellbeing products as well.

Head over to abc7 to read the whole article which is not only talking about Wearable Electronic but also other advanced technical fabrics you might already wear but you do not know (yet).

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