Interactive Fashion Hoodies from KILLA

killa-ipod-hoodieCanada’s innovative fashion label KILLA launched their latest and hippest interactive fashion collection, the SWITCH hoodies.

KILLA interactive clothing uses QIO Systems e-textile controls in soft, lightweight hoodies to bring iPod ready clothing into the city life style.

Until now interactive jackets have been mostly introduced in the winter outdoor segment for snow boarding, skiing and similar clothing lines.

Lightweight, thin clothing require very soft, flexible, textile like wearable technology components to allow a seamless integration into clothing.

QIO Systems e-textile solution combined with great looking clothing design by KILLA made it possible to launch the SWITCH hoodie range made for a colorful range of streets style, interactive clothing.

The PANiQ controllers provide the connection between iPod, Bluetooth or audio device and the hoodies’ sleeve control come in a variation of candy colors to complement the style of these gorgeous looking hoodies.


The SWITCH hoodies come in different color ways retailing for $120.- plus $29.99 for one of the candy colored lightweight PANiQ controller.


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