The Future of Clothing and Wearable Electronic on Avantex and Techtextil

The most important and likely the biggest event for Wearable Electronic in 2007 will start next week in Frankfurt, Germany.

avantex2007.jpg Avantex and Techtextil 2007 will open its doors on June 11 for 4 days of highly interesting seminars and exhibitions on the future of clothing and textile innovation.

It is the second time those two events are held at the same time and the same place. Avantex target groups of designers and garment manufacturers, focuses on high-tech apparel textiles and presents developments ranging from the concept to the prototype stages. Techtextil is the world largest Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens.

This almost guaranties a highly charged atmosphere for participants from the industry and businesses but also for the visitors of the exhibitions.

Unlike the Smart Fabrics 2007 in May which was more focused on technologies, the Avantex 2007 is more about consumer presentation. Companies will show on the floor the latest developments and creation in the Smart Clothing areas like Fashion, Healthcare, Sports and Workwear.

For the professionals, the many symposiums offer a wide range of interesting lectures and presentations for suppliers, users and experts from the entire textile and clothing industry.

The big names in Wearable Electronic will show the latest products and technological advancements. Companies like Eleksen, Interactive Wear, Fibretronic and Cute Circuit to name a few.

If you can come to Frankfurt, you will be rewarded with lot of interesting news out of the world of Wearable Electronic – the Future of Clothing.

If you can’t make it, don’t despair, we will keep you updated with the latest news, just make sure you come back to talk2myShirt frequently.


  1. I heard that in the future a laser beam will take a person’s
    measurements, transmit it to a location elimininating the old
    way of small, medium, large, etc.etc…??

  2. hi Antonio,
    you are right, there are some companies working on this. H&M has introduced the virtual fitting room last year where the customer can create and avatar according the sex, age and BMI and dress with the clothing on offer to see how it will look on oneself.
    Theoretically it would then be possible to order via the virtual fitting room the clothing item which is then custom made but this function is not working yet.

    I haven’t found a real laser measurement with ordering but there are some patent application describing exactly what you mentioned. Guess this will take some time before it hits the clothing stores.

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