DIY: Temperature sensing T-Shirt

e-textile-diy Aniomagic a company dedicated to provide components and ideas to the e-textile community is constantly expanding their portfolio in both directions.

On the components side, Aniomagic recently added to their online shop a DIY Kit for the temperature sensing tapestry we introduced last year. The Kit contains everything you need to crated this unique, decorative window curtain that will tell you with different colors if the sun shine you see outside is just nice looking or it is really warm outside.

As I am currently in Europe I see on my own how foolish it can be to associate even at the end of May sunshine outside does not mean nice, warm temperatures. On a side note: I have right now around 52 degree (11 degree Celsius) outside by a blue, sunny sky.

If you want to add a color coded temperature indication into your T-Shirt, Aniomagic has a short instructions with e-textile diagram on their site with all the needed components available in the shop as well.

Cute little, simple e-textile projects easy to follow with the option to conveniently order all components needed at one place/shop.

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