Interactive clothing – Stress relieve via Facebook

sos-stress_outsourcedInteractive clothing seems to play a key role when it comes to blur the line between online and offline identities, between the physical and virtual world.

Numerous concepts have been developed over the past years, becoming more advanced and more realistic than ever. This is partly because the wearable technology advance rapidly and partly because our social interactions become more intense, more closer and in some cases replace the physical interaction completely.

Clothing is part of our identity so it makes perfectly sense to use this medium to re-connect our virtual existence with the physical world we live in.

Carnaven Chiu, Xiao Xiao, Keywon Chung, and Peggy Chi, students at the MIT developed SOS: Stress OutSourced a peer-to-peer network that allows anonymous users or friends in social communities like Facebook or Twitter to send each other therapeutic massages to relieve stress.

How it works: A stressed person sends an stress signal to the community of connected people wearing the same SOS enabled jacket. Community members can then response by sending back a haptic massage signal via their networked jacket.

The team envisions to have a massage also from anonymous people which might end up in a very rough massage session you still will need a sizable social network as each sender can only transmit one second of massage so better you start building large friends lists to get some minutes out of cyber relaxation.

Even though the Stress OutSourced might never make it to the shop floor it does show the possibilities how to merge our physical and virtual presents and underlines the role interactive clothing can take on in this ‘New Brave World’.

[via Fashioning Technology]


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