Staying connected with the WiFi T-Shirt

wifishirttalk2myShirt is on the way to a 4 week trip around Europe and will hit areas where Internet access is very spotty at times making it difficult to stay connected with the World Wide Wearable electronic community during those days.

Please be patient when we can not keep up with our daily posting but we will do our best to grab any WiFi airwaves we detect with the specially for this trip purchased WiFi detector T-Shirt.

I am not sure if it will save the day and ensure continuous blogging but at least it will show when to stop in the tracks and open the notebook.

A life report around smart textiles from the TechTexile/Avantex in Germany is planned on June 16-17 and hope hope for the other days in the coming four weeks we can be online as often as possible to keep you updated.

The positive side: we will have plenty of time and opportunities to test our DIY solar bags to charge our cellphones and other gadgets in those remote areas.

Stay tuned and keep checking talk2myShirt, you do not want to miss the next big thing in wearable electronics.

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