Bicycle ridding with LEDwear

ledwear-cycling-jacketVenturing around the other the to enjoy the cooler evening air for a run outside the usual air-conditioned gym I couldn’t help but to think about the ‘Light for Life‘ project from Kempton I have posted a few days ago.

Cyclists everywhere doing the same as me, making use of the cooler evening. The scenario: I am living near a huge park area with little street lights but still cars speeding along the bicycle riders. The perfect recipe for disaster.

A Google search for ‘LED cycling jackets’ later that night came up with a long list of companies offering LED embedded cycling jackets. I think they are encouraged by the many DIY projects and the general know how from the wearable electronic developer community showing how to use LEDs in clothing.

LED light has the advantage of being an active light source, they do not need another light source to be seen as it is the case of reflective stripes used in ‘older’ cycling gear.

A UK based company called LEDwear catched my attention for it’s good looking LEDjacket‘s that combine both, LED light sources and ‘old fashion’ reflective stripes, I guess they wanted to be sure you will be seen in case our batteries running low.

The LEDjacket incorporates high intensity LEDs in the strips down the front and back of the jacket. The LEDs are red on the back and white on the front and can be set to flash or to be permanently on. Three AAA batteries are stored in a small pouch inside the jacket providing approximately 100 hours of illumination.

LEDwear is selling the LEDJacket for £49.95 (around $79.-)

Google around for ‘led cycling jackets’, you will get a long list of companies selling ‘Light for Life’.


  1. This is the whorst looking thing i have ever seen. You have more chance of me running you over after being dazzled by an idiot on a bike with a flashing coat.

  2. my dear, 02-feb-11

    Re: LED-lighting garments


    I am very happy to see that you are interested in
    “LED-lighting clothes” in your web.

    I am the original innovator of LED-garments
    (put/set the LED, all kinds of LED, on fabrics
    and garments in wording and graphic…)

    For past few years, I promoted it through our company
    (Hongstex Int’l Co.- for LED-lighting garment)
    and (Simky Tech (HK)- for LED-moving-message garment)
    to USA/EU, china and others ….. countries.

    I am very happy that our innovated product
    (LED lighting garmnet), is talked/used widely in
    fashion field, now.

    Your faithfully,

    Simon Wong

    Simky Tech (HK)
    (the subsidiary of Hongstex Int’l Co)

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