Anti Paparazzi Fashion

anti-paparazzi-fashionConnecting to our article from yesterday about protecting your privacy from unwanted photo shoots we looked around to see if there are other Paparazzi blocking fashion around.

The result: the ‘Anti-Paparazzi Clutch Bag‘ made by Adam Harvey, interactive designer, programmer and photographer in New York City.

He created an interactive clutch bag which fires off a bright light coming from high brightness LEDs when it detects a camera flash.

No details are available on the ‘making off’ the ‘Anti-Paparazzi Clutch Bag‘ which is according to Adam in it’s early prototype stage but he is ‘seeking celebrities which have a paparazzi problem‘ to test his Anti Paparazzi Fashion concept . . .

To complete our story about ‘Anti Paparazzi Fashion’ here is a links to the InstructablesHow not to block cameras‘ which gives a ton of considerations and limitations IR camera blockers face (the type I have posted about yesterday). Check it out before you start making your own Anti Paparazzi Fashion project with IR LEDs.

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